vivien nepenthe


biology, product, vision

vivien's vision of the future is the driving force behind sylph. a self-educated biologist, vivien sets the tone for the work we do and how we present it to the world. ultimately one of sylph's goals is to fashion the tools she needs to pursue her research in aging and cognition, to break down the limitations of the human form

alice maz


business, infrastructure, all-rounder

alice does whatever needs doing. from programming to marketing, strategy to sales, she takes on a new role in sylph every day, and that's the way she likes it. alice is at her best throwing herself into the thick of things, with a distant objective and half an idea how to get there, relying on cleverness and willfulness to tear down whatever gets in her way

sig selene



with a background ranging over celestial mechanics, fluid mechanics, type theory, and differential geometry, it is safe to call sig the technician of our team. she is happiest when immersed in sylph's mathematical core, occasionally peeking out her head to provide formal specifications of its outer tendrils for alice and vivien to implement

we are a tight-knit team of consummate generalists. all of us program but none of us is "the programmer." we live and work together on everything, and our ability to move in unison is one of our greatest strengths